Best Online Sportsbooks

There are a lot of really good sportsbooks out there, but there are also a lot of bad ones. We won’t sit on here and list all of the ones we don’t trust, because that list in is the hundreds. What we can do is list the ones that have an outstanding reputation! With that being said, here is our list of sportsbooks that we grade at A- or higher…

Best Online Sportsbooks

The Bovada sportsbook is among the finest in business. They grade at or near the top in every category that we judge except one. What makes Bovada special is that they have great appeal to the average gambler. They seamlessly integrated their Casino and Racebook platforms in with their Sportbook stuff and it all runs very smoothly. They have the cheapest and most reliable payouts in the industry and you get paid very quickly after requesting a payout. Our correspondents have never waited more than a week for a check. Last, but not least, Bovada has some of the best promotions in the industry that make betting with them fun and rewarding.
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One doesn’t have to go far to see how rewarding it can be betting at 5Dimes. If you take a look at our Streak for the Cash Pick Detail then you can see that 5Dimes has the lowest juice of all the sportsbooks that we use. For the uninitiated, “juice” is the term that describes the sportbook’s take (i.e. it is cheaper to bet at 5Dimes then anywhere else we have reviewed). The other big strength of 5Dimes is that you can basically bet on anything. They have one of the widest varieties of sporting events that we’ve seen.
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GTBets is an up and coming sportsbook that has grown very rapidly in popularity recently. This is all for good reason. They continually have great promotions and have reasonable payout costs. Our contributors think that their Horse Racing section is the best in the industry. The GTBets casino is also pretty robust, and they have added casino tournaments. Their mobile casino is among the best online in the business. Taking all this into account, GTBets serves as a wonderful all-around place to put your money.
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BetOnline is a great all-around sportsbook with a lot to offer it’s customers. BetOnline brings to the table a great reputation and fun across the board in all of their offerings. Their strengths include a stellar mobile web site and low juice on many sports and match ups. Another great benefit for those looking to place bets on teams winning championships and the like is that BetOnline has a very wide selection of future bets and props available to play.
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SportsBetting is a site that won the lottery with a solid web address. It’s backed up with a great reputation and solid backing. Sportsbetting uses the same software as BetOnline, so one would see that their systems are very similar. We like to suggest Sportsbetting to any user who likes to use their mobile device to play as Sportbetting receives top marks in that category.
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We grade every sportsbook on a variety of factors:

1. Payouts: First and foremost, we like to be sure that we have no issues getting paid (and at a low cost). Different offshore sportsbooks have different philosophies and policies. There are a lot of stories out there about it taking weeks or even months to get paid by some sportsbooks. We only recommend those that are reputable and with no payout issues.

2. Odds: Sportsbooks all work a little bit differently on how they handle their odds. This category takes two things into account. First, if the lines come out early then the book will receive high marks. Second, how many games, sports, etc. are listed on the site for betting purposes. Obviously, the more options, the better.

3. Look: The usability of a web site is very important. The last thing that anyone needs is to accidentally bet on something that they didn’t intend. Web sites that easily migrate from section to section will get high marks.

4. Mobile: Similar to the “Look” category, we like to see mobile sites that have a great feel to them.

5. Casino: All of these web sites have corresponding casino sections built in. We judge how quickly the games load, the quality of the games, and how easy it is to transfer money into and out of the casino portion of the account.

6. Racebook: Though not as popular as the sportsbook and casino sections, Horse Racing is also a popular betting section on these web sites. Again, we judge how easy it is to make bets, etc.

7. Poker: The poker rooms are all a bit different from site to site. We judge which ones offer the best tournaments and are the most fun to play.

8. Promotions: Many sportsbooks have first deposit bonuses and/or promotions that run through out the year to give the user bonus cash. Some are better than others. Usually, you will find that the low juice sportsbooks will have very little promotional incentives while the high juice sportsbooks will offer a variety of neat promotions.

DRatings, who we work with a lot on this site also has a great blog post on the subject. For more reading, go to Top 5 Online Sportsbooks for U.S. Players.