Top 5 DFS Sites

Top 5 DFS Sites

The daily fantasy sports (DFS) industry has boomed in the last few years and a lot of sites are beginning to offer contests.  Here we provide you with a list of the top sites to check out should you be interested in joining the fun.  Each of the sites in our top 5 list are accompanied with full reviews so you can get more details should you be interested.  Most likely you’ve already heard of the top two sites, but some of the others are worth checking out and we provide the specific reasons you may be interested in their description.

#5 – Fantasy Aces

Fantasy Aces is one of many second tier DFS sites that offers a variety of contests for a broad range of sports.  Their most distinguishing feature is their SalaryPro format which adds a slight wrinkle on the classic salary approach.  You are penalized/reward for going over/under the salary for your selected team.  If you feel like the salary cap system is too restrictive or just looking for a change, then Fantasy Aces may be a site for you.  Unfortunately, their mobile options are somewhat lacking and there’s no global player swap in their interface. So if you enter multiple contests and need a roster change in a pinch, then you’re out of luck.

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For a full review of Fantasy Aces: Fantasy Aces Review

#4 – DraftDay

DraftDay is another DFS site that covers a variety of sports and has a few unique contests.  For players looking for some free contest with prizes, DraftDay just might be the best place.  During MLB season, they offer regularly held $1 million perfect lineup contests, which give you a chance at a huge payout should you be able to pick the best possible scoring lineup.  In addition, the top players are given free tickets to future contests.  They also offer a free target contest where you win money should you pick a team that hits a very high scoring target.  In both contest types, you are unlikely to win but you still get to play for free and with potential money on the line.  DraftDay also offers classic contests with more modest payouts in comparison to the bigger sites.  Like Fantasy Aces, their mobile options are somewhat lacking.

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For a full review of DraftDay: DraftDay Review

#3 – Draft Ops

Draft Ops is an up-and-coming DFS site that is backed by many professional sports teams, leagues, and celebrities.  During NFL season, they offered weekly free contests with chances to win fantasy cash to be spent on their contests.  They also offered instant access to fantasy cash earned through the initial deposit bonus.  This sounds great, however, they somewhat hide the fact that the fantasy cash can only be used to cover 20% of their paid contests.  So on the surface it seems great but you still need money to play.  If you’re looking for a free option to win actual money then this is not your site.  But they do have a wide variety of contest formats including a Single Stat Challenge which offers a fair chance to win money.  You do not compete with other players but are just picking a set of players to meet certain stat levels in the game.

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For a full review of Draft Ops: Draft Ops Review

#2 – FanDuel

FanDuel is one of the two most prominent DFS sites out there.  Most likely you have seen their commercials during major sporting events and especially during NFL games.  They are partnered with most of the major sports leagues and some sports teams within each league.  Needless to say, the huge advantage of playing contests on FanDuel is you’re almost certain that they will be around so long as DFS is legal.  Furthermore, they can offer contests with guaranteed payouts that are very large which the second-tier sites cannot offer.  In addition, with such money backing they can offer some very unique contests.  Right now they offer a VIP MLB contest that involves going to the Playboy mansion for a chance to win $100k.  You won’t find many contests like this outside of maybe DraftKings.  They also have a solid mobile app and their interface is very easy to use.  The biggest issue with FanDuel is they only offer contests with the major sports so you’ll have to look elsewhere for golf, soccer, MMA, etc.

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For a full review of FanDuel: FanDuel Review

#1 – DraftKings

DraftKings is the second of the two big players in DFS sites but is definitely the top DFS site to play contests for a variety of players.  They offer every major US sport and a few others including golf, NASCAR, MMA, soccer and E-Sports.  Furthermore, they have some of the highest payouts so if you’re looking for a chance at huge earnings then you’ll likely find a good contest on DraftKings.  For beginners, they have a handful of leagues and contests specifically for new players who meet certain criteria.  They also have the best rewards program in the business.  Each contest you play earns you points and you can turn those points into rewards ranging from gear to tickets for other contests.  As far as ease of use goes, their website is top notch and reliable when it comes to last minute updates.  They also have a very easy to use and reliable mobile app for your on the go needs.

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For a full review of DraftKings: DraftKings Review


Best Site for Casual Players: Yahoo DFS

Best Free Contests: DraftDay

Biggest Payouts: DrafKings

Best VIP Contests: FanDuel

Best Initial Customer Bonus: Yahoo DFS

Best Referral Program: FanDuel

Best Rewards Program: DraftKings

Most Sports Variety: DraftKings

Best Unique Contest Format: Draft Ops – Single Stat Challenge

Easiest to Use: DraftKings

Best Mobile App: DraftKings

Honorable Mention

Yahoo DFS

Yahoo is well known for their season long fantasy contests as well as the hosting the billion dollar bracket challenge in 2014.  They have branched out to offer daily fantasy contests as well.  Although their contests variety and promos are fairly lacking, they do provide the basic contest offerings.  More importantly, their focus is on fair play and transparency so that you have a fair chance at winning the contests.  This is in direct response to many DFS sites being dominated by a small number of veterans who enter tournaments multiple times and win a majority of the big hauls.  The downside of them limiting contest entries is the payouts are smaller than offered by DraftKings or FanDuel.  This is a great place for casual players to enjoy DFS.

To sign up at Yahoo: Join Yahoo DFS

For a full review of Yahoo DFS:  Yahoo DFS Review


The top 5 list is based upon DFS sites that I have entered contests. There are so many sites out there that you may want to do more research to get other opinions. Below are a list of some other useful references that you may want to check out.

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