Sportsbook References

BetOnline is a well known offshore sportsbook based out of Panama that has been doing business since 2004.

With an incredible reputation and known for their 10 cent lines,
5Dimes is the second sportsbook that we use. Their odds also come out early which makes them a Streak Edge favorite.

Bovada is arguably the most popular sportsbook that faces the U.S. so we felt it necessary to include them. Their lines typically come out a little bit later in the day so occasionally there will be missing info from them when we reference their lines. is another favorite of Streak Edge. They are a sportsbook with great customer service and a wide variety of rewards and promotions.

Computer Prediction References was created in 2012 and has a proven track record of accurately picking games. Their strength lies in their breadth of games. They cover almost all of the major sports in North America, soccer in Europe and South America, and a variety of International contests.

Research References

1. Analysis on when goals are scored in a typical soccer game: Goal Time Analysis
2. The Skellam distribution is useful in “describing point spread distribution” in sports like soccer and basketball: Wikipedia Skellam distribution
3. Advanced player statistics in baseball: Major League Baseball Batting Ratios
4. Analysis on pitcher victories: How often does neither starting pitcher get a decision?